Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis
Reviewed by Shappy

Hey, Kids!

My name is Shappy. I work upstairs at BookPeople. I get to see all of the cool new books before they get on the shelves! Growing up in the 20th century, I learned how to read by reading the adventures of Charlie Brown and Snoopy in the newspaper. I loved comics so much I used to clip them out and paste them in scrapbooks. Let’s face it, I was a nerd! I still like to read the comics in the paper, in fact I draw cartoons for a website myself! So when the ladies in the marketing office told me that Stephan Pastis is coming to Book People I got pretty excited! Mr. Pastis happens to be the creator of one of my favorite comic strips, Pearls Before Swine. I was asked to read his new…

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This Just In

The largest social network in the world is the latest high-profile site to say it’s been hacked this year but it says no ndta about its more than a billion users was compromised.

Facebook described the “sophisticated attack” in a blog post on Friday, saying it took place in January when a small number of employees visited a compromised website that installed malware on their machines.

Twitter announced a similar intrusion earlier this month, and major news organizations including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post have also admitted to being hacked.

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Just Share

Program ini akan merubah / mengkonversi angka yang dimasukkan  oleh user  ke dalam suatu huruf / kata  yang mewakili angka yang dimasukkan tersebut.


Masukkan nilai dan diinisialkan sebagai n.

Buat deklarasi array huruf dengan value dari { “ ” …. “ sebelas ” }.

Cek nilai n :

  1. Jika kurang dari 12, maka kembalikan value dengan memanggil variabel huruf dengan indeks array n dan langsung ke langkah 3.9. Jika tidak lanjut ke langkah 3.2. Hasilnya simpan di dalam satu variabel misalnya v.
  2. Jika kurang dari 20, kembalikan value dengan n – 10 diimbuhi kata belas dan hasil ditambahkan ke value v dan langsung ke langkah 3.9. Jika tidak < 20, lanjut ke langkah 3.3.
  3. Jika kurang dari 100, untuk mendapatkan kata pertama maka ulang ke mulai langkah 3 dengan n sejumlah n / 10. Lalu langsung ke c dengan kata selanjutnya ulang langkah 3 dengan n senilai n modulus…

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This Just In

[Posted at 9:35 p.m. ET] An 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific on Wednesday, triggering a tsunami that killed five people but didn’t threaten the wider region.

Four elderly people and one child died after the roughly 1-meter (3-feet) high wave hit the Santa Cruz Islands, an eastern region of the Solomon Islands, said Augustine Bilve, a director at a hospital in Lata, the main town in the area.

The strong waves appeared to have caused damage and disruption at the local airport and nearby villages.

Bilve said that some patients were being relocated, but the hospital was intact.

Read the latest details on the story here

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