Creative photo Manipulations  by Tullius Heuer-Iskander1989.
His deviantart page.

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Shot by Design Army, a studio based in Washington, DC, and founded by husband and wife team Pum and Jake LeFebure, this photo series is a self-initiated project centered around their main inspiration. The couple explains, “Color is a commodity. It is the ultimate currency to sustain and nourish our creative souls. It’s a design mantra we call ‘Color Consumption’.”

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kemaren kita sudah membahas tentang bagaimana kita mengakses server mysql yang digunakan sebelum kita membuat database. Langsung aja berikut step by stepnya untuk membuat databasenya:
1. sobat akses dulu server mysqlnya caranya ada di artikel sebelumnya, kalau belum baca disini Mengakses server mysql dengan CMD
2. langsung sobat buat databasenya (nama database: DB) dengan cara berikut:

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Check out Michael Sieben’s awesome illustrations in the brand new edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, on sale today. We’re stoked to welcome him here tonight at 7p to speak about his work and sign copies of the book. The Austin Chronicle chatted with him recently about his work and his Austin love:

“I think my plan, when I graduated from UT, I thought I’d graduate and move to San Francisco or L.A., but – like a lot of people – after spending time in Austin, I didn’t want to leave after I graduated, because I just loved the city so much.”

We hear you, man.

This book is really beautiful. It has a nice weight when you hold it in the palm of your hand and the cover beneath the jacket is embossed with an illustration. The glossy pages give it the feel of a collector’s item…

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The 30 foot tall mural that only reveals itself when wet, was created by Connecticut-based artist Adam Nilewicz. The tree, which is an important symbol for Connecticut, was created using water-repellant Rust-Oleum.

“Public art should embrace the existing environment and work to enrich reality,” writes Niklewicz in his artist statement. ”The blank slates (almost screens) of the two downtown buildings invite visuals that give counterbalance (nature) and meaning (historical context). The image of the Charter Oak speaks to both.”

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